SenseOCEAN draws together world leading marine sensor developers to create a highly integrated multifunction and cost-effective in situ marine biogeochemical sensor system. The marine environment plays an essential role in the earth’s climate as well as providing resources, recreational opportunities and acting as a vital transportation route. However the inherent vastness of the oceans means that our ability to monitor the health of this important system remains limited.

This project will provide a quantum leap in the ability to measure crucial biogeochemical parameters. Innovations will be combined with state of the art sensor technology to produce a modular sensor system that can be deployed on many platforms. Prototypes will be optimised for scale-up and commercialisation.

These will be tested and demonstrated on profiling floats, deep-sea observatories, autonomous underwater vehicles, and fishing vessels. Ultimately the developed sensors will be launched as commercially available products.



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Researchers involved in SenseOCEAN
(photo courtesy TU Graz)


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