LEGOS-CNRS and NKE collaboration on silicate sensor development

The silicate submersible sensor, developed by NKE-Instrumentation together with LEGOS-CNRS is a cylindrical sensor of 100mm diameter and 186mm height without the connector (230mm with connector) including a solenoid pump placed into a dielectric oil compartment and the electronics placed into a dry compartment. The “top” of the sensor, in equipressure, is the “technical part” with the 2 electrochemical cells (<250mm3) and the different electrodes. Weight in the air is around 2.5kg without batteries.

Silicate sensor (without batteries)

Gold (detection) and silver (reference) electrodes have been achieved by setting the metallic wires into epoxy resin. The electrodes have been assembled in the sensor and the first tests with the pump gave good results in terms of watertightness. The next step will be to prepare the electric connections of the titanium grids and carry out pressure testing of the whole system.