New optode and electrochemical sensors tested in Limfjorden, Denmark

During the first week of June, 2016, SenseOCEAN investigators Sergey Borisov the from Graz Institute of Technology, and Emilio Garcia-Robledo and Niels Peter Revsbech from Aarhus University tested their newly developed sensors in the marine waters of Limfjorden, Denmark. The optodes were tested for long-term monitoring of pH and CO2 in the coastal waters, and a new version of the recently developed and yet unpublished amperometric CO2 sensor was tested in the tissue (thallus) of the brown algae Fucus vesiculosus.

Below is a photo showing Niels Peter Revsbech and Sergey Borisov with an optode unit (1), and also a photo showing the insertion of a CO2 sensor into Fucus (2). The figure shows profiles of O2, pH and CO2 in the thallus during illumination and darkness (3)