Oceanology International 2016, 15-17 March, London, UK

SenseOCEAN and several other Ocean of Tomorrow projects: BRAVOO, COMMON SENSE, EnviGuard, MariaBox, SEA-on-a-CHIP and SMS, were present at Oceanology International 2016 with a stand showcasing the latest developments from the projects. Along with information on all the projects and many of the new sensors, the stand also had a water tank where sensors from NeXOS, SCHeMA, COMMON SENSE, MariaBox and SMS were demoed throughout the three days.

The Ocean of Tomorrow stand. Far right, pH sensor developed at the National Oceanography Centre in the demo tank (Images courtesy of Amy Pike)

An afternoon session of presentations by the projects on the Wednesday that was open to all, was well attended. A representative from each project gave a five minute ‘flash’ presentation with the opportunity for the audience to ask questions afterwards.

A huge thank you to Amy Pike who did a terrific job in organizing and coordinating everything to make this Ocean of Tomorrow stand happen. Also, a big thank you to both Amy and Robin Pascal for all their hard work setting up and dismantling the stand.