Optode testing on the PROSID2014 cruise

Christoph Staudinger and Eva Fritzsche (PhD students from University of Technology, Graz) will participate in the field trip 'PROSID2014 - Propagation of the saltwater inflow from December 2014’. This cruise will take place in the northern Baltic Sea from 21st-28th October 2015 aboard the R/V Salme. The aim is to make a detailed study of the recent Major Baltic Inflow (MBI) to the Gotland Basin (see http://www.io-warnemuende.de/project/125/prosid2014.html for more detail) 

rv salme

Christoph and Eva will test the optodes that have been developed for oxygen, pH and CO2 as part of the SenseOCEAN project. The read-out device is based on a firesting-system and has been adapted for the cruise from another SenseOCEAN participant, Pyroscience. They are planning to measure several profiles with depths between 80 and 450 meters, as well as take continuous surface-water measurements with the help of a flow-through system.