SenseOCEAN at ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016

SenseOCEAN scientists will be presenting some of their latest developments at the next ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting that will be held from 21st-26th February 2016 in New Orleans, US.

Max Grand from Southampton University, Ivan Romanytsia from LEGOS/CNRS and Geraldine Turner from the National Oceanography Centre (NERC) will give presentations as part of the IS51A session ‘Recent Advances in In Situ Biogeochemical Instrumentation, Sensors and Observatory Science’.

Max will report on the on the development of the high sensitivity Lab-On-Chip phosphate sensor (abstract). Geraldine will also talk about in situ monitoring using Lab-On-Chip device but with particular reference to dissolved silica (abstract). Ivan will talk about the latest developments of the LEGOS electrochemical sensors for in situ phosphate and nitrate measurements in seawater (abstract). They will present at 09:00, 08:45 and 09:15 respectively on Fri 26th Feb.

Eric Achterberg (Southampton University) will present a poster on High resolution dissolved and dissolvable aluminium measurements along the GEOVIDE section of the GEOTRACES as part of the CT14B 'Trace Elements and Isotopes at the Interfaces of the Atlantic Ocean section' session. Although the abstract is not directly related to SenseOCEAN, Eric is also a co-author with Max Grand.

More information about the ASLO meeting.